Impulsive spending is one of the things that many people do. There are so many things to buy nearly everywhere we go. Even in gas stations or train stations, there are stores that sell food and beverages, among other things. At the end of the day, we might wonder where our money goes. We might have a few bucks in our pockets and as we go about our day, we end up buying small items that all add up. We can’t keep track by remembering every single payment transaction that we made or the money that we received when using cash. But, when we use online payment methods, we will know where our money goes. 


Make an online payment 

When we whip out a wad of bills and count out the amount we need to pay, we might not take the time to think about why we are spending the amount when we should work within a budget. There is the joy of handing cash and spending it, of which, at the end of the day, might make us feel miserable as we had emptied out our pockets. All those small stores and vendors might lure us into spending but then, when we make a payment transaction, we are the one who is responsible for making that decision. 

Time to think

When we use a payment method app, we get to have a few moments before making the transaction. The time it takes might make us have enough time to think before we buy. In our mind, we might have the total balance available in our app, and then our obligations such as paying for certain bills that are due might make us stop in our tracks and curtail our impulsive buying. The very act of taking out our mobile device to make a contactless payment is not what most of us are accustomed to doing, so this might be able to deter us from impulsive spending. 

When we get headaches 

Not all of us are wealthy and spend like there is no tomorrow. It is normal for us to want to buy things that we would like to indulge in, such as sweet treats. However, if we are experiencing difficulty in paying our bills on time, and have other headaches such as not being able to save, then we have to make certain changes to our spending habits. If there is income, the first thing that we have to consider is if the amount is enough for us to be comfortable. If it is not, then rather than getting a headache by living on credit and making payments monthly, we can find other ways to generate income.. 

Tracking our expenses

We may take the time to study what we spent on by checking the list of the recorded payment transactions. When we pay in cash, it is not possible to do so without handling receipts. Unless we jot down every single cash transaction, we cannot find out the total amount left of our money unless we count the bills and the coins. When we study what we spent on and regret doing so, as it caused us to have difficulty making ends meet, then it is time that we decide to take control of our spending so we won’t be in financial distress.